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DigiPrint Graphics Pleased to Help Schools Raise Money with the Production of Christmas Cards

With Christmas just 91 (at time of writing) days away now is a good time for cash strapped schools to start planning how they will benefit from the festive season, DigiPrint Graphics have a very exciting and original fund-raising idea.


Aylesbury, Bucks -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- It is believed the worlds first ever Christmas card was created and sent by John Calcott Horsley, he got the idea from British businessman called Sir Henry Cole, Sir Henry Cole wanted a card that he could send to his friends and business associates in order to wish them a "Merry Christmas."

Early Christmas cards usually incorporated religious pictures depicting the nativity, baby Jesus, etc. religious cards are still popular these days but there is a wide variety of other designs available too. People wanting to celebrate and wish family, etc. a merry Christmas can now do so with a wide variety of card designs such as the more traditional nativity scenes, wintry photo's and even comedy cards.

Many children like to make their own cards, card making is a fun project in many schools around the festive season, one company now offer a way for schools to monetize what was previously just a fun festive season activity, the company is called DigiPrint Graphics and they can be found online by visiting their website www.digiprintgraphics.co.uk.

DigiPrint Graphics offer a School Christmas Card Project for all UK based schools the company have created the brand DigiPrint Christmas specifically for the purpose, full details of which can be found here. The company recommend that schools ask each pupil to draw their own card design, once the company have scanned all designs into their system the School's PTA can offer each child’s parent the chance to purchase cards with their own child's artwork on the front and their name on the back.

Gary Trotter, Director of DigiPrint Graphics said, “our school Christmas card project is receiving a huge surge in popularity” Gary has been very pleased with the projects growth and this year he is pleased to offer all new customers the chance to purchase cards for just £3 per pack. Any new school using DigiPrint Christmas for the first time in 2013 will be receiving their Christmas cards at only £3 per pack, Gary said he believes this special price gives schools the opportunity to raise even more money.

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DigiPrint Graphics are based in Aylesbury, UK the company runs a portfolio of e-commerce and supplies printed products to companies based all over the UK.