ExploringTampaBay.Com Delivers Green Concept with Digital Advertising

ExploringTampaBay.Com has new digital advertising machines strategically placed in high traffic locations for great business exposure with green concept...


Tampa Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- Have you ever walked into a restaurant, Hotel or tourist attraction and seen all of those pamphlets for local attractions or businesses? Have you ever thought about all the paper and energy it takes to print those and how many of them actually are redeemed? ExploringTampaBay.Com has new digital advertising machines strategically placed or available which solves this problem and it is called the Virtual Concierge.

It has not only become popular these days to "Go Green" but it has become a must for companies who want to be responsible and profitable. This new concept called Virtual Concierge by ExploringTampaBay.Com is one of those solutions that is not only Green but is very smart. Brilliant digital graphics, printable coupons, eye catching displays and professional machines replace that clutter of all of those stands and paper pamphlets in entry ways. No more having to wait until all of those pamphlets are gone before you change them and replace them. The Virtual Concierge takes up far less space and changes can be done on the fly.

How this system works is pretty easy. You contact and you either invest in one of these machines for your location or you advertise on them in various high traffic locations throughout Tampa Bay Florida. As an advertiser, your message is created by a professional marketing consultant/designer, loaded up to one or multiple locations and your message is displayed dynamically for all passing prospects to see. If they like what they see, then they can print out your coupon and in the process save trees and electricity as well as get a great deal on your service or location. Everyone wins with this new and exciting concept. If you are a hotel, ball park, theme park or a number of other venues then you can have one of these machines placed at your location so you can recycle all of those pamphlets and retire that obsolete marketing system. The old ways no longer work in my opinion and this kind of forward thinking and new technology is a game changer. Your prospects are more sophisticated these days and so should your marketing plan be as well.

ExploringTampaBay.Com is a website and marketing firm that has several digital marketing products like the Virtual Concierge offering. They have constructed a complete infrastructure to facilitate marketing in person, online and by word of mouth. Matt Flemister, one of the principles of ExploringTampaBay.Com says, "The Virtual Concierge has the ability to drive potential customers right to your front door because of the coupon printer alone. When we decided to add these machines and marketing system to our company it was a no brainer. I saw that this was cutting edge, a green product and a phenomenal way to market a business." The two main principles plan on expanding all over Florida and are looking both for advertisers and investors that want to take advantage of what they have to offer.

There are many positive benefits to this digital marketing system by ExploringTampaBay.Com and the biggest benefits are the fact that it is a greener way to go for companies, has an eye-catching appeal and is an affordable way to drive prospects to the front door. This is a great idea that has been a long time coming.

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