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Digital Cameras: The Best Digital Camera to Buy

4 Key points for helping to empower you to make the right choice, when selecting your first Digital Camera or SLR Digital Camera.


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- Now, this is a question that is asked regularly by beginner and novice camera buffs alike. How do I know what is "The Best Digital Camera To Buy" and what is good value. There has never been such a wide variety of Digital SLR Cameras on the market as there are today.

This article is not going to go into all of the intricate nitty gritty details of every camera available. That would take forever; this is just about getting you started in the right direction. Today is about the first steps to owning your very first Digital SLR Camera.

First: Don’t get suckered into buying a Digital Camera or Telephoto Lenses that are beyond what your needs are. What exactly do you need the camera for? What type of photography are you going to be doing? (Sports, landscapes, portraits?) What experience do you have? How important is size and portability? These are a few considerations you need to think about. Ask yourself these questions before you head out to buy. Then stick to these guidelines when buying a Digital Camera.

Second: Don’t get too bamboozled when it comes to Megapixels. Most cameras come out these days with 5 or 6 Megapixels or more anyway. Now, things to be thinking about with megapixels are: “Will I be printing shots?” If I am, how large do I want to print. If you are only going to be printing normal size prints, then any camera with over 4 Megapixels should be sufficient.  If you are going to want to print out larger sized prints then you may want to pay that little extra money for something in the upper end of the Pixel market and maybe check out a different Camera lens.

Third: Think about what extras you may need when buying. Some considerations are: Camera Cases, External Flashes, Memory cards, Extra Camera Lenses, tripods and maybe spare batteries. These will need to be added into the cost of buying your first camera. Sometimes you can get these items with the Digital Camera as a Bundle Price. Check this out or ask the question. This could save you a lot of money.

Fourth:  Do you need a Digital SLR Camera? Or maybe you just require a good quality point and shoot Camera. Digital SLR Cameras are getting more and more affordable. But the great thing about the Digital SLR Cameras is the ability to add on with some amazing telephoto Lenses and Super lenses at a later date, once your up and running. So weigh up your options carefully.

If you stick to these guide lines you should make the right decisions for your needs.Then find a good Digital Camera Store.

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Author: Bill O'Donnell

The Best Digital Camera To Buy