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Digital Content Locker Market: Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2025, Globally

Digital Content Locker Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2025


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2017 -- A digital content locker is an online file storage service. These files include images, music, video, movies, games and documents. Storing files in a digital content locker enables the users to access them from anywhere and anytime via internet. The digital content locker is also termed as a cyber-locker. This locker is an advanced technology as compared to conventional stage services, as it enables users to access, upload, control, track the documents' status and use other features in a secure way. Digital content locker enables websites to protect their valuable content from direct access to users. Further, there are two basic types of content lockers including social lockers and paywall content lockers. To unlock the social locker, user requires to share the content on any major social media platform, thus ensuring it to reach maximum viewers. Furthermore, paywall content locker mandates user to pay a small amount in order to get an access to the premium/valuable content.

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The booming popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, have majorly contributed to the rise in demand for digital content lockers. Moreover, the fast spread of internet access via smartphones, tablets, laptops have created a huge base of viewers trying to explore the premium content posted on websites. Cloud storage services has made it possible for companies to centrally store the valuable content in a secured library, and access it or make it available for purchase to end-users.

This service can be accessed from any platform such as web based management system, desktop and mobile. Furthermore, Mobile applications are increasing demand and promoting the digital content locker market. In corporate, digital content locker plays important role for protecting sensitive data, as the employees using smartphone and sharing data through social media and other unsecured apps. So for these the content locker centralizes all their enterprise data to a single container and integrates with existing repositories and enable the access across all the devices such as laptop, personal mobile devices or web portal therefore the employees can access document securely.

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Governments is also taking initiatives to provide important documents to the nationals via digital locker app, to reduce the cumbersome process of accessing government issued documents and reduce the workload of government departments. For instance, Indian government is taking initiative to launch digital locker app to store personal document and provide secure access to government issued documents linked with secured number. E-commerce market is one of the popular sales channel that is contributing largely to digital content locker services, by securing transaction details and also protecting the content. The digital locker services is proving favorable for digital music industry market as it enables the user to upload the digital media files and facilitating access through multiple platforms. Moreover, with the increasing usage of internet there plenty of opportunities has there for digital content locker for securely storing the files.

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However, the digital content locker is not been able to explore the market to that extent, due to lack of awareness and knowledge among the end users. Digital content locker share content might present future revenue generating opportunities, by targeting the small and medium scale businesses. Moreover, developing countries such as, India, Brazil and others pose notable opportunities for digital content lockers, considering significant development of internet infrastructure and government of respective countries promoting digitization in the region.

Digital content locker finds its application in different industry verticals such as, media and entertainment, IT and telecom, healthcare, and others. Some of the digital content locker apps available in market include AirWatch Content Locker, Easy Social Locker, AT&T Locker app, Social Locker, Viral Lock, AsdeqDocs, Net Documents, MezeoFile, BoxNow PRO, and DigiLocker. Some of the leading players of Digital Content Locker includes, Adscend Media LLC., LeewayHertz,, AirWatch, LLC, Aerohive, AT&T and others.