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‘Digital Freedom’ Features Trailers of the Newest and Hottest Movies, Plus Helpful Reviews


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2011 -- Millions of people enjoy watching movies on a regular basis. But what millions of people also don’t like is the high price of going to the movie theater.

Thanks to advancements in technology, many movie fans can now watch movies online in the comfort of their own home, right at their computers.

But with so many movies that are available to watch, it can be confusing at times for even the most dedicated movie buff to decide what film to watch next. Those who enjoy free movies online often search the web for reviews and trailers to get more information about the latest films. This can require going to numerous websites and spending a lot of time they could otherwise spend watching the actual movie!

Digital Freedom has received a lot of attention lately for being a one-stop shop for movie fans who want to read reviews of the most current movies—as well as those that have been out for awhile—and also see the previews or trailers.

Digital Freedom also includes news articles about the latest stories surrounding movies and a blog that covers a variety of topics including a list of the hottest movies of 2011 plus a preview of what might be especially popular with viewers in 2012.

Visitors to the site who would like to then watch free movies online may click on links that will take them to another website where they can then get a stream of the film in HD quality. They also offer a promo code that allows visitors a one month free trial to Netflix.

Using the website is extremely easy—simply log onto the home page and begin browsing through the movies that are listed on the home page. Currently, everything from “Happy Feet 2” to “Breaking Dawn” and “J. Edgar” is included, as well as many other popular selections.

Clicking on a title will bring up a page with detailed information about the movie, including when it was released, the director and main actors, and a synopsis of the plot. Underneath this information is a full review of the movie as well as a screen that is ready to show the trailer. Visitors to the website may also comment on the movie or review if they wish at the bottom of the page. To watch movies online, simply click on the blue bar to be brought to another website that offers this service.

About Digital Freedom
Digital Freedom features movie reviews and trailers of the latest and most popular movies, as well as interesting up-to-date articles and news stories about many movie-related topics. Digital Freedom is easy to navigate and filled with helpful information for movie fans. For more information please visit http://www.digitalfreedom.org