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Digital Image Curation Boom Prompts Brisbane Picture Framer to Launch New Curatorial Division

Brisbane Picture Framer launches photographic and artwork curatorial service trademarked as the Endurart Process®


Brisbane, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- Fix-a-Frame has launched a new commercial photographic curatorial division. The Brisbane custom picture framing business has always been involved in protecting artworks and photographs by utilizing conservation framing techniques since 1991.

The new service is trademarked as the Endurart Process®. The techniques for preserving pictures is always being advanced and when the Endurart Process® is utilized it gives the public confidence that their images are given the best protection.

The latest demands from clients is to scan and digitize old analogue photographs and perform digital photo restoration. Once the original photographs have been conservation framed the next logical step is protecting the digital files from degradation. Many companies provide online back-up and file storage but if the images are not saved in the correct formats and file sizes it is just the same as tossing the originals in the corner and expecting them to endure.

The amount of detail in an original photograph usually exceeds the data captured by a modern digital photograph. When photographs are scanned and digitized there can be loss of data if not processed correctly. When you couple the loss of data with poor file handling you can end up losing precious memories.

When ever there is a natural disaster the items that are most valued by the victims is their family photographs. Fix-a-Frame had first hand experience with the grief experienced by Brisbane residents after the 2011 flood. A great deal of photo restoration and repairs was performed throughout the months following the disaster.

“The rapid advancement of digital photography and the ability to share photographs via Facebook and Pinterest has reawakened the desire to protect people’s photographic heirlooms” said David Schummy, company director. Attitudes have changed from the past where people invested in quality items that were designed to last. Nowadays many people take a short term view when it comes to their choice of belongings. Furniture is only made to last a few years and electronics are continuously being upgraded. The regrets of losing the photographic family memories are only realized after it is too late.

A modern digital photograph can hold as much value in people’s lives as an original portrait of the past. Even though it is assumed you can always reprint a digital photograph, often files are misplaced, corrupted or the file storage backup is inadequate. The best way to preserve your photographic memories is to make both physical and digital copies and then store them adequately. An archival printed photograph that is framed using conservation framing techniques incorporating a UV filtering glass like Tru Vue Conservation Glass®, Museum Glass® or Optium® is an excellent way to ensure you can enjoy your images whilst providing long-term protection.

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