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Digital Marketing Agency Primal Set to Shake Up the Competition


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- With the recent establishment of Thailand's new digital marketing agency, Primal will serve as a serious contender to existing agencies. Offering a suite of specifically tailored digital strategies to help Thailand businesses flourish, Primal boasts extensive multi-national resources to offer a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Perhaps their main competitive difference, however, is their adaptability and overall ability to offer businesses a targeted approach to the ways they obtain online traffic. Whereas traditional SEO and digital marketing services tend to focus solely on achieving increased traffic volume, Primal has adopted a more dynamic solution by focusing on conversion rate optimisation.

General Manager of Primal, Mark McDowell, says that CRO will ultimately offer businesses greater value and more tangible results.

"Getting customers to your site is one thing, but this won't mean much if only a small percentage of your overall traffic is converting in some way," he says.

Converting, or 'conversion,' doesn't necessarily equate to a customer purchasing from you, but it is obviously a main factor. Converting a visitor on your website could simply mean convincing them to sign up to your mailing list, becoming a member, creating an account or subscribing to your newsletter.

"It is our goal to completely optimise our client's online presence to not only ensure they receive increased traffic, but that these visitors convert into customers. We have many tools at our disposal to achieve this, with everything from website design and content writing to sophisticated interface development. By integrating one or more of these elements to function symbiotically, we are able to radically refine our client's digital prowess," Mark says.

Many businesses in the past have invested a considerable sum of money into pay-per-click campaigns, social media strategies and SEO services to help encourage higher click through rates and overall customer awareness. However, what they often tend to overlook are smaller, targeted traffic flows that have the potential to produce a much more successful conversion yield.

Much like with traditional advertising, some digital strategies develop a lot of 'wastage' whereby their online promotional efforts fall flat, because they are not appealing to the correct individuals. CRO is much more agile, and allows businesses to reach users who have a genuine need of their services.

The landscape of digital marketing is shifting, and Primal appears to be leading the pack with their progressive digital strategies and targeted CRO campaigns.

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