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The Penguin Is Back: Google's Infamous Penguin Algorithm Returns With an Update

Digital Marketing Agency Cayenne Red is helping clients cope with the latest algorithm changes from search engine giant Google as it releases its latest Penguin onto the scene.


Berkshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2013 -- Cayenne Red, Digital Marketing Agency is helping clients check their sites after the latest Google Penguin algorithm went live.

This is the latest in a long line of algorithm changes – this series is named Penguin, previously came Panda and Farmer – and all are designed to make the internet a better place, according to Google.

At their heart is basic judgment as to a site’s justification for being at a particular rank within the search engine results. Google are on a crusade to rid the internet of poor quality content and sites which are designed to just catch leads and not offer a full user experience.

Poorly prepared content (bad grammar and spelling mistakes) and badly researched content (waffle as opposed to subject knowledge and insight), are being punished by Google with a reduced rank for the host site.

Google is also targeting link networks, as this, they say, goes against the principle of natural search results. Those sites which effectively purchase links and those which sell links, will both be punished with a slide down the rankings.

Mr Duncan Cumming, CEO of SEO in Berkshire based agency Cayenne Red, said:

“An algorithm change always sets the heart rates beating faster for SEO consultancy staff and webmasters like. This is one of the few industries where the goalposts are continually being moved around the field and second-guessing what Google plan to do, and then figuring out what they’ve done, will keep agencies busy for many long hours.

“In all seriousness, we have to applaud Google’s attempts to improve the user experience, but the complaint from many in the industry is that they are so secretive about their thinking and rationale, that it causes undue tension and hardship for many website owners.”

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