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Digital Marketing Company in the Philippines, LeapFroggr, Opens Doors to Local Clients


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- LeapFroggr, a Philippines-based agency that specializes in digital marketing services, recently unveiled its decision to offer its services to local businesses. The SEO Philippines company, which is best known for its work with international brands, will now collaborate with businesses of all sizes in the community.

Digital marketing is an excellent way for a company to spread the word about its activities, especially because more consumers are using electronic devices—such as smartphones, tablets, and computers—to keep up to date with their communities and circle of interests. This type of marketing uses catchy websites, texting, blogging, streaming media, emails, social media, and more to spread the word about new businesses and their work.

LeapFroggr’s range of specialized services includes digital marketing for local industries: hotels, lodgings, restaurants, cafes, spas, fitness clubs, travel agencies and retail services. The Internet marketing agency in the Philippines even offers digital marketing services for local professionals who wish to build their name and brand. LeapFroggr’s proven development and design team also provides an End to End E-Commerce Solution to clients interested in creating an online store.

Although LeapFroggr offers customized solutions to each of its clients, its basic marketing plan is very simple: the agency looks for opportunities, optimizes sites for traffic, increases visibility, and maximizes conversions. Customers who have their own plan in mind can also work closely with LeapFroggr to bring their dreams to life.

In addition to providing a variety of services, LeapFroggr also runs a new SEO community that helps businessmen in the Philippines and other Internet marketers. The group helps its members engage with the top minds of the SEO and Digital Marketing industry in the Philippines. Anyone with a Google+ account and an interest in Digital Internet Marketing can join the group, ask questions, and participate in discussions about the industry. This group is the only group of its kind on Google+.

Individuals interested in learning more about LeapFroggr can visit the company’s website for additional information. LeapFroggr regularly updates a blog that talks about SEO and online marketing in the Philippines. Customers can also subscribe to LeapFroggr’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for frequent updates from the online marketing agency in the Philippines.

About LeapFroggr
LeapFroggr is a digital marketing agency based in the Philippines. The company offers a wide range of Internet marketing services, from SEO, to PPC, reputation management, social media marketing and more to both small and corporate businesses. The company’s staff aims to use its combined knowledge of Digital Marketing and SEO to give its clients the back that they need to leap towards their success. For more information, please visit http://www.leapfroggr.com/industry-services