Digital Marketing Consultants Are Becoming an Established Career Choice, Says Carl Duncker

The rise in spend across digital media platforms has moved marketing from the traditional to the digital creating the new phenomenon of a Digital Marketing Consultant - but what do they do?


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Savvy web marketers are expanding their knowledge into social media and carving a unique career as digital marketing consultants to boost their income and freelance employment prospects offering expertise to traditional marketing agencies which they may not have in-house.

A quick Google search for Digital Marketing Consultant jobs brings back over 40,000,000 results from all the major recruitment agencies and online jobsites. Proof indeed that this is now a serious career choice for both graduating students and experienced marketing professionals alike.

Digital media used to be the domain of advertising agencies who played with this new media outlet in response to changes in the way their target customers were engaging with brands and abandoning the conventional forms of advertising. However, marketing agencies and professionals have now taken this territory for their own adding a strategic aspect to digital media and wrestling control from the designers in advertising departments.

Furthermore, conventional marketing agencies have been forced to broaden their knowledge of marketing channels as consumers have rejected the traditional tools of printed leaflets, business cards and exhibitions and are now having their needs met socially and digitally.

Shelly Palmer of imedia connection says “Culture is changing as a result of technology, and your understanding of how tech giants are sculpting the future is critical to understanding how to create relevant marketing campaigns”

Carl Duncker, a Digital Marketing Consultant in Manchester, who has created and delivered digital marketing strategies for freelancers and major companies alike informed that there is a sharp increase in the number of digital marketing placements being offered on LinkedIn. "I have been tracking the ratio of marketing job placements being advertised on LinkedIn and, compared with traditional marketing roles, the ratio is 3:1” Carl commented. "It's not surprising to see digital marketing roles being preferred to conventional marketing positions. After all, if you look at where the advertising spend goes these days there is a seismic shift in expenditure from traditional to digital".

For readers who'd like to know more, Carl has written a great article on Digital Marketing Consultants.

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