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Digital Media Adaptor (DMA) Market - Growth, Trends, Forecast Up to 2024

Digital media adaptor market driven by increasing popularity of streaming service,digital media adaptor market is further fueling by increasing applications in smart homes,digital media adaptors market led by North America and Europe


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2016 -- Digital media adaptor is a device used for connecting a computer to a home media system that enables transfer of digital files and audio content to and from electronic devices and media devices. Thus enabling users to search different online media and transfer them to an audio or visual equipment that is combined with the home media system. After the media file is located, the digital media adaptor allows the user to view or listen to that media file and also simultaneously stream it to the home media system. For example, a user can locate a video media of a television program and access it through a computer. Then, the digital media adaptor can be used to stream the media over a television set that is connected to the adaptor. This adaptor can act as a wired connection between the home media system and the computer or can be connected wirelessly. Some digital media adaptors can transmit only audio files, while others transmit both audio as well as video files. Furthermore, there are adaptors that have a software allowing recording of the media as it is transmitted, thus facilitating user to view the media according to his convenience.

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The installation of digital media adaptors is a simple process which can be accomplished in less time. Research and development and subsequent technological advancements have refined these adaptors, allowing the live streaming to home media systems. The streaming quality is high and without problems in audio transmission. Also, the problems associated with live streaming such as sudden frame freezes are eliminated with the use of digital media adapters, enabling uninterrupted and refined user experience. The increasing popularity of streaming services is the major factor driving the digital media adaptor market. Developed countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. are witnessing an increase in smart homes. In smart homes, different electronic devices and gadgets are connected to the home network that permits them to communicate with each other. Digital media adaptors are finding increasing applications in smart homes which is further fueling the growth of this market. Furthermore, smart homes are gaining popularity in developing nations due to the increasing spending capacity of consumers. This is anticipated to further increase the demand for digital media adaptors. However, the growing popularity of set-top boxes is proving to be a challenge in the growth of digital media adaptor market. Some of the popular digital media adaptors include Apple TV, Fire TV, Google's Chromecast, Vizio's CoStar streaming, Roku, and Netgear's NeoTV. On the basis of region, the digital media adaptor market can be categorized into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East and Africa. Digital media adaptors observed strong demand in the North America and Europe region, considering established network infrastructure and fast adoption of technology in the region.

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The major players operating in the digital adaptors market include Apple, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Archos, Netgear Inc., Roku Inc., Western Digital Technologies, Inc., ZyXEL Communications Corp., Google Inc., Seagate Technology LLC, and Samsung Electronics.