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Digital Obtain Now Offering Opportunities for People to Make Money by Facebook Promotion is a new website offering people the opportunity to make money by Facebook promotion. The company is paying people to promote their products and claims to pay people $10 for 10 minutes of work.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2016 -- There are many ways that people can make money on the internet. Some gimmicks and some actually profitable solutions, Digital Obtain is a recently launched website; it is now allegedly offering an opportunity that can be called the latest in eEarning. On their official website at, the company claims that it "takes just a few minutes of your day to earn some extra cash".

The Digital Obtain website has recently gone online and is now ready for people to sign up. Allegedly, to work with Digital Obtain all one requires is a Facebook account. On their website at, they explain how people can earn by working with them for few minutes a day. A spokesperson for Digital Obtain also made an official press statement in which he discussed the idea behind the company and how it works.

"Here at Digital Obtain, our website is now live and people have the opportunity to make $10 in the just 10 minutes of work. Our service is very simple and equally profitable for both parties involved: us and the people wanting to work with us. Basically, people promote our products and get paid $10 if they are able to get one or more sales on the products they are promoting," stated the spokesperson.

He further gave in-depth analysis of the how the service works "People can sign-up on our website; they have to give us some details like their email and PayPal info. Once the users select what kind of product they want to promote, they will be given all details of which Facebook groups they need to post on. Users will post on these groups with the links to our products. People will get paid $10 only when they bring in one or more sales."

More details can be seen at

Phone Contact Number: 416-841-0665
Address: 91A Firvalley Court M1L1P2, Toronto, Canada