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Digital Piano Review Site Launches in-Depth New Buying Guide

New guide will equip every player with the knowledge needed to pick out the perfect new digital piano, Digital Piano Review Site reports


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2014 -- Digital Piano Review Site announced the release of a comprehensive new guide to buying digital pianos. Aimed at everyone from first-time buyers to experienced players looking for a new instrument, the just-published guide is available at One of the most information-packed offerings of its sort available anywhere, the new buying guide educates readers as to the features and specifications they should look for when buying a new digital piano and also suggests a few models that have proven to be among the worthiest choices of all.

"We are always working hard to do even better by our valued visitors," Digital Piano Review Site representative Rick Stallworth said, "and our new buying guide is going to make for an excellent addition to the site. It covers everything buyers of every knowledge level need to understand in order to make satisfying, appropriate new digital piano purchases." Compact and affordable, digital pianos have many advantages over the traditional, acoustic instruments they emulate. In addition to requiring far less space and typically imposing much less of a drain on the wallet, digital pianos often offer a wide range of features that have no analog in the acoustic world. Beyond merely producing pleasing, natural piano sounds, for example, they can allow players to emulate woodwinds, stringed instruments, or any other sort of sound.

In addition to the technologically derived benefits of this sort that digital pianos can offer to players, they have become increasingly better at providing playing experiences that closely resemble those of traditional pianos. As noted in the Digital Piano Review Site analysis at, for example, Casio's PX-150 digital piano boasts of the kind of natural, acoustic-piano-accurate keyboard action the lack of which was often considered a weak point of digital pianos in the past. With such satisfying keyboard feel being available in a very affordable product, then, convenient access to realistic piano playing conditions is now more widespread than at any time in the past.

In fact, even professionals who previously would have overlooked this option are now changing their tunes. The Yamaha P255 reviewed at, for example, is targeted at the most skillful and demanding users and has found a warm reception since the instrument's introduction. In designing the piano's voicing, Yamaha's engineers used the company's own well-regarded acoustic grand piano as a reference, going back and forth over countless hours until the digital piano was capable of producing the kinds of rich, emotive tones that most associate with grand pianos.

"Whether a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, there is something for you in our new buying guide and on our site," Stallworth concluded, "and we hope that you will stop by soon." The new Digital Piano Review Site buying guide is available from the company's home page. In addition to offering one of the Internet's most deepest selections of reviews, Digital Piano Review Site also hosts a highly useful comparison tool that makes it easy to contrast the most popular and highly regarded digital pianos.

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