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Digital Product Blueprint Bonus Launched to Provide First Details of Eben Pagan's Latest Revolution

Digital Product Blueprint Bonus is a website created to chart the much anticipated launch of Eben Pagan’s Digital Product Blueprint in October this year, planning exclusive previews and bonuses.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- The internet is still a relatively new territory, and unlike physical locations where wars broke out over who would dominate the real estate, the internet is capable of generating more space exponentially, meaning there are opportunities and resources available to everyone to try and make their fortunes. Eben Pagan is an online entrepreneur who specializes in helping people make money through internet marketing and digital products. Digital Product Blueprint is his forthcoming release, and Digital Product Blueprint Bonus has been launched to chart the details of the new course ahead of its release in October.

The website owner is currently looking over a beta version of the course and will soon be writing about his findings regarding the forthcoming release, making it essential for online marketing entrepreneurs to bookmark the site and be the first to receive the updates. The site will also feature a profile on Eben Pagan for those new to his work.

The Digital Product Blueprint will be a new online course blazing a new trail based on his latest experiences, helping people avoid major pitfalls and adapt their strategies to the latest evolutions in the online world. It is planned to offer the ultimate guide to modern online digital product creation, distribution and promotion.

A spokesperson for Digital Product Blueprint Bonus explained, "When the product is launched, we will be the first to publish a Digital Product Blueprint Review to let people know whether the product is going to live up to the anticipation that is already building. Though only the title of the course has been announced so far, we have created this website to post immediate updates as soon as more is known, so interested parties need only look in one place for updates instead of wasting hours trawling marketing forums. We can't wait to get started as Eban Pagen is a titan of internet marketing."

About Digital Product Blueprint Bonus
Digital Product Blueprint is the latest internet marketing course created by legendary marketer Eben Pagan. This awesome course is scheduled to be released on October 16th, 2015. The site will regularly publish news and updates about Digital Product Blueprint Review and Digital Product Blueprint Bonus.

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