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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- People hear about this Digital Publishing Blueprint by Ed Dale, and its promising an opportunity ‘you don’t wanna miss’. People notice that it’s a 6 week step-by-step training blueprint that shows everything people need to know to create a magazine in the explosive Apple Newsstand (with millions of users and growing). Click here for Digital Publishing Blueprint:

The allure is that you can monetize it instantly and start getting sales right away. No need to ‘try’ and sell something. So you invest in the system and start diving in to the various modules, which are as follows:

Module 1: Digital opportunities (you notice the staggering number of users the Apple newstand has and where the BIG money opportunities are. This module helps confirm that ‘Vegan’ is a great niche to target, but you also identify a couple of related niches you wanna target)

Module 2: Content Creation Mastery (you’re pretty surprised at how easy content creation can be, once you have the right templates, examples and tools. It seems cool that you can get experts in your market to give you awesome content for your magazine…for free.)

Module 3: Creating Your Magazine App (the simple to follow steps and the Magcast platform make this really newbie friendly. Within a couple of day, you have your ‘Vegan’ app created)

Module 4: Creating Your 1st Magazine Issue (there’s tactics in here to impress readers and attract more subscribers. You also see how to format properly, make things good-looking, etc)

Module 5: Publishing & Submitting your App to Apple (Again, much simpler than you thought. There’s some specific things you learn to make sure your app gets approved faster)

Module 6: Marketing Secrets & Strategies (Ok so this is where the pedal-hits-the-medal. With actual case studies and real examples, you see the most effective marketing strategies to snowball sales from day one.)

Even though the marketing strategies have you all excited about your new ‘Vegan’ mag, the biggest relief is having Ed’s design templates and sample content creation strategies that make everything really simple and easy to follow.

After submitting your Mag App to Apple, within a few days you receive approval! Your magazine looks beautiful on an iPad. After using some of Ed’s secret marketing strategies, the Vegan magazine starts drawing subscribers within the first week, growing daily…

One of the MANY reasons why Ed’s strategies work so well is that they allow you to leverage other people’s expertise. By having expert writers give you content for your magazine, you’re all but guaranteeing that they will promote their magazine to their audience FOR YOU!

So in summary, here are the main benefits of the Digital Publishing Blueprint:

- Helps you spot ‘under the radar’ high profit opportunities (by showing you unique angles in big markets and exposing the smaller, untapped markets as well)
- Shows you how to locate and contact experts in your niche and have them HAPPILY give you endless content for free (you’ll know exactly what to say and do)
- Leverage the names of those experts and leverage their audience to fast-track your sales from day 1 (tap into large audiences without any extra work)
- Remove the technical difficulties and guesswork from creating and submitting the magazine app. The Mag Cast technology platform cuts the learning curve entirely (very newbie friendly)
- Hands you proven marketing strategies to help quickly increase subscribers and profit.

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