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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Digital publishing is changing and Ed Dale is revealing exactly what he feels the biggest shift is in his new Digital Publishing Blueprint that was just released. Click here for Digital Publishing Blueprint:

In Ed's Digital Publishing Blueprint newest video he talks about something that is ten times the size of the earliest internet boom. As well as how to locate and leverage the new 'starving crowd' and the system that 350 people used to gain 1,000,000 customers in 11 months with no paid advertising.

With all the buzz running around the internet about Ed's new program and videos we decided to do an investigative review and is detailing his findings at his website here: Digital Publishing Blueprint review

On his site one can find out exactly what comes with the 6 module program and they can also view his special bonuses offer for the Digital Publishing Blueprint bonus.

Module 1: Digital opportunities (you notice the staggering number of users the Apple newstand has and where the BIG money opportunities are. This module helps confirm that ‘Vegan’ is a great niche to target, but you also identify a couple of related niches you wanna target)

Module 2: Content Creation Mastery (you’re pretty surprised at how easy content creation can be, once you have the right templates, examples and tools. It seems cool that you can get experts in your market to give you awesome content for your magazine…for free.)

Module 3: Creating Your Magazine App (the simple to follow steps and the Magcast platform make this really newbie friendly. Within a couple of day, you have your ‘Vegan’ app created)

Module 4: Creating Your 1st Magazine Issue (there’s tactics in here to impress readers and attract more subscribers. You also see how to format properly, make things good-looking, etc)

Module 5: Publishing & Submitting your App to Apple (Again, much simpler than you thought. There’s some specific things you learn to make sure your app gets approved faster)

Module 6: Marketing Secrets & Strategies (Ok so this is where the pedal-hits-the-medal. With actual case studies and real examples, you see the most effective marketing strategies to snowball sales from day one.)

Ed is so confident that people will love his 6 module program that he is offering 4 bonuses and a 30 money back guarantee. People will also get access to all 6 modules right away when they purchase the Digital Publishing Blueprint. Note that the while one can access the page they cannot order the program until the 19th of August.

In addition to his new video that was just released Ed is getting ready to do a live webcast detailing his entire program and what is all included.

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