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Digital Rabbit Launches a New Advertising Platform


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2017 -- Research has shown that digital advertising has made a substantial impact on traditional printed Ads in recent years. Advancement of technologies and consumer preferences is driving marketers to choose digital media platforms. Digital Rabbit, a new advertising company, has launched a platform of screens in Toronto, that allows big budget media advertising at cost effective pricing.

The company provides their clients with rich and dynamic content and use next generation media displays and network technology; Making use of digital signage, Digital Rabbit can easily control the versatility of the content displayed at any given time. Ads placed on Digital Rabbit runs simultaneously throughout a network of screens strategically placed throughout the city.

The holistic vision of digital and interactive advertising embodied by Digital Rabbit is second to none. Through a network of interactive screens, Digital Rabbit creates a wide range of multifaceted interactive advertising network customized to meet the unique needs of each client and their audience. From major industrial players and companies specializing in business -to-business sales to small business owners or those that simply want to reach out and connect to a broader audience and thus expand their consumer base, Digital Rabbit has what it takes to turn clients vision into reality.

About Digital Rabbit
Digital Rabbit is an interactive network of screens, offering business owners a wide range of media coverage at an effective and affordable price. Its broad range of capabilities allows the company to mix and match a multitude of digital technologies to develop complex multimedia platforms all in-house, keeping complete control of the process from conceptualization to completion.

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