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Golden, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- David Cowan launches

David Cowan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and Geophysics from one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the U.S., Colorado School of Mines.

He is a former geophysicist, money manager and entrepreneur who found his true calling in teaching mathematics. He believes that math is one of man’s greatest accomplishments.

About David Cowan
David served in the United States Army, after which he was a Highway Engineer with the Colorado Department of Transportation. He then joined Amoco Oil as a Geophysicist. He then became a Stock and Commodities Broker for Shearson, Lehman Brothers, and a Money Manager for Futures Arbitrage Inc. As a Money Manager, he managed the accounts of private investors in the futures markets and was ranked the top Commodity Trading Advisor in the U.S. in 1986. He was then the CEO of Tick Data Inc. providing historical time and sales data for commodity contracts to the futures industry.

David points out that not many things in life are as important as the ability to think quantitatively. Every parent should want to maximize their child’s math skills. He quotes the example of South Korea, the #1 math performer of the world, where 25% of the students get privately tutored.

He also quotes the example of the University of Maryland. Dismayed at their dismal graduation rate of 60%, this university introduced a policy during 1990 according to which those students who were falling behind should compulsorily be tutored. This helped them raise their graduation rate to 80% within 10 years. Mr. Cowan suggests that the benefits would have been more had the university made tutoring mandatory for everyone.

He feels that people have a wrong notion that only kids that fall behind need tutoring. He suggests that people view tutoring similar to coaching that is given for tennis or golf. He emphatically says that a similar thinking should be adopted in the case of math tutoring. This means that it is all the more necessary to tutor those children who are good at math.