Digital Olympus Comment on a Recent Fox Business News Article Regarding NHTSA Probes of Ford F-150 Pickups for Reduced Engine Power

Popular news and technology blog has commented on a recent Fox Business news piece regarding NHTSA investigation of Ford F-150 Pickups for Reduced Engine Power.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- On May 28, popular news and technology blog commented on a recent Fox Business News article regarding United States safety regulators probe concerning reports of a swift decline in engine power in an approximated 400,000 of Ford Motor Co's 2001 to 2013 model-year F-150 Pickup trucks.

According to the Fox Business News piece “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it opened a preliminary evaluation to assess whether the large pickup trucks have a safety related defect after receiving 95 reports alleging incidents of reduced engine power during hard accelerations at highway speeds, such as merging or passing maneuvers, in trucks with 3.5-liter gas turbocharged direct injection engines.”

Responding to the Fox Business News piece, leading researcher Jake Owen stated that the investigations of the NHTSA concerning the Ford F-150 Pickups for reduced engine power will obviously focus on safety precautions of the truck users, and the violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The Fox Business News piece further revealed that several of the grievances purported safety concerns connected with passing vehicles, though NHTSA disclosed no accident have been reported till date. A preliminary probe is the first move that could end up in a recall if regulators discovered a safety problem requires revamp.

In a statement following the report, Owen commends the due diligence of the NHTSA in initiating a preliminary probe that will address the challenges the vehicle might be facing, and requesting for the recall of the trucks if the need be.

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