Digital Olympus Comments IGN News Article Regarding Square Enix's Changing Philosophy

News and technology blog commented on a recent IGN news article regarding Japanese videogame developer Square Enix’s new philosophy emphasizing the importance of business intelligence in the company’s latest changes.


Astoria, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2013 -- On August 1st, news and technology blog Digital commented on an IGN news article by Colin Moriarty regarding the company’s new philosophy and retooled strategies after the thorough internal audit that started with the appointment of the new president of the company Yosuke Matsuda and the several crucial staff changes that followed.

The IGN news story stated that Phil Rogers, the new CEO of Square Enix’s American and European arms in charge of looking after the Japanese developer publishing businesses in both countries, acknowledged “that the company hasn’t done a good job of communicating its strategy as it deals with an industry that is rapidly changing and evolving.”

According to the IGN news piece, Rogers said that while Square Enix is dedicating most of its time and resources into developing new worlds, richer characters and more engaging gameplay experiences, they understand the need to further investigate how the market is changing. “At the same time new business models have risen up, which we periodically will try to explore,” he said.

In response to the IGN news article, lead researcher Josh Cole commented on Square Enix’s changing philosophy highlighting it as a great example of business intelligence. Cole underscored the company's restructuring process, something that began with a comprehensive internal investigation and that is continuing with a sound business intelligence strategy.

“I believe Square Enix is making the right moves. The company is grounding its decisions in due diligence and business intelligence,” said Cole. “As we have recommended before, at Digital Olympus we think the best way to replicate this kind of strategy is to employ an independent firm specialized in due diligence investigations as well as business intelligence.”

While the IGN news article concluded by praising Square Enix’s diversified approach as a strategy to overcome the challenging changes of the videogame industry, IGN editor Colin Moriarty remained skeptical about the Japanese developer’s decision to not focus on its hardcore gamers by venturing into new territories, like cutting-edge tablet and mobile games.

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