TelcoDepot Comments on Casing Shortage That Hinders HTC Phone Sales

Leading business news blog has commented on recent news story regarding the setback to HTC phone sales due to shortages in casing that result from design difficulties.


Bay Shore, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Leading business news blog comments on a recent news story by Clare Jim published on September 24 on concerning HTC Corp which is facing supply limits on its newest smartphones, mounting pressures on already discouraging sales and raising the possibility that the company will announce its first net loss this quarter.

According to Jim’s report “The problems with the HTC One Mini, launched in mid-July, come partly from a casing shortage arising from design difficulties, one of the sources said. Another source said consumer and telecom demand for the One Mini could not be met at the moment, even though analysts estimate that the company plans to ship only around 200,000 of the devices each month.”

In a statement following the report, principal researcher Josh Cole suggested that “Smartphone makers can seek the advice of firms that specialize in phone systems equipment before and after designing their device to avoid problems that may result from equipment supply and hinder sales in the long run.” is a foremost news and technology research blog, committed to supplying incisive recommendations, and advising the embrace of effective and standard telecom equipment such as Panasonic Phone system devices as well as the efficient application among others, as well as business policies that can enable businesses to boost their efficiency and live up to the expectations of their sector.

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