TelcoDepot Comments on Spanish Telecom Firms Free 4G Services

Top business news blog has commented on recent news story on regarding Spanish Telecom firms which are offering free 4G services due to the recession in the country that has left consumers cash trapped.


Bay Shore, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- In the wake of a recent news story by Clare Kane and Leila Abboud published on October 1 on regarding Spanish telecom companies which are succumbing to the reality of recession by offering new superfast mobile services at no additional cost, rendering a warning signal for European colleagues which expects premium 4G prices will enable them bounce back to growth.

The news story indicated that several consumers in Spain where unemployment is presently at 26 percent are not willing or not able to spend up to 800 euros ($1,100) on a 4G-powered smartphone and then agree to a more expensive monthly plan, regardless of the guarantee of download speeds that are five times faster than current 3G.

“Since recession in Spain has led to vast unemployment and reduced consumers’ spending power, it’s reasonable for mobile service providers to change their strategy accordingly,” says spokesperson. Companies that also offer phone systems to consumers will benefit from the offer.

The news piece further points that the event in Spain signals trouble for mobile service providers in France Britain, Italy and also in more vibrant economy like Germany which have invested billions to build 4G networks in the expectation that the new technology will assist to upturn sinking prices prices.

According to Kane and Abboud’s report, “Fourth-generation telecoms, also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE), not only speed up browsing speeds but improve the quality of video streaming and video calls on smartphones made by the likes of Apple and Samsung.”

In a statement following the report, principal researcher Josh Cole applauded the business strategy of Spanish telecom mobile service providers. “Several companies that specialize in offering business phones equipment can take a cue from the move of the Spanish telecom firms by using business strategies that appeal to their consumers.” is a foremost news and technology research blog, committed to supplying incisive recommendations, and advising the embrace of effective and standard telecom equipment such as Panasonic Phone system devices as well as the efficient application among others, as well as business policies that can enable businesses to boost their efficiency and live up to the expectations of their sector.

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