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DigitalOlympus.Com Comments on the Decision of China's Huawei Not to Make Buy-Outs to Grow in Smartphones

Leading business news and technology research blog has commented on a recent news regarding the disclosure of China’s Huawei not to acquire another smartphone maker to boost its market share in the smartphone market.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- In the wake of a recent news report by Paul Sandle published on September 4 on regarding the resolution of China’s Huawei not to acquire another mobile phone producer like BlackBerry to grow its market share in smartphones, comments on the decision of the phone system maker.

The report points that senior vice president and board member Chen Lifang made the statement on Wednesday regarding the decision of the firm. However, the attention of analysts has been drawn to the future of embattled smartphones producers Blackberry and HTC Corp after Microsoft reached an agreement to acquire Nokia’s handset business which was reported on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Chen Lifang declared that the group was not deliberating buying out another smartphones maker.

In a statement following the report, spokesperson stated that the fight for market share in the smartphones sector is intensifying as a result of the near-saturation in the sector. “Several firms are making different moves to boost their market shares in a sector where the use of VoIP phones has contributed to the growth.”

The report further states that in June, Huawei was linked to Nokia when the head of Huawei's consumer business, Richard Yu was cited by the Financial Times newspaper as saying the firm could deliberate a purchase like the buying of the Finnish group. Huawei undermined the report, declaring it has no intention of acquiring Nokia. principal researcher Josh Cole opined that the move of Samsung to introduce various models of smartphones into the market which has yielded high market share for the firm has bitten a significant chunk off the market share reducing that of rivals. “The use of smartphones as business phones has led to more customers in emerging and developed markets though competition among smartphones makers has intensified.” is a leading news and technology research blog, committed to supplying incisive recommendations, and advising the embrace of effective and standard telecom equipment such as Panasonic Phone system devices, as well as business policies that can enable businesses to boost their efficiency and live up to the expectations of their sector.

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