Joe Bragg Reveals Buyer's Guides on Most Important Headphone Features


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Finding the right set of headphones can be difficult. Buyers have to pay attention to features like price, sound quality, warranty, and durability. Further complicating things is the fact that some expensive headphones have poor sound quality, while some cheap headphones are surprisingly good.

A website called wants to help buyers determine which is which. At, visitors can read reviews for some of the most popular headphones available today. The site is devoted to ranking and reviewing all different types of headphones.

One of the first lessons taught by is that there are several different types of headphones. There are in-ear headphones and standard headphones, for example, as well as noise cancelling headphones and noise isolating headphones.

A spokesperson for explains why it’s important to distinguish between noise cancelling headphones and noise isolating headphones:

“At first glance, many headphone buyers think these two terms are interchangeable. However, these headphones use totally different technologies. Noise isolating headphones simply use the physical shape of the headphones to block out ambient noise. Noise cancelling headphones, on the other hand, generate an opposite signal whenever they sense outside noise, making it easy to tune out the world. Some noise cancelling headphones are specially designed for removal of voice for in ear headphones, for example. Noise cancelling headphones require far more circuitry and are generally more expensive than noise isolating headphones.”

After learning about the differences between types of headphones, also wants to help buyers find the perfect headphone brand for their unique needs. Those brands include specific recommendations from Panasonic, Beats by Dre, and Sennheiser, as well as an overview of in ear headphones.”

However, many of the articles focus on describing the general qualities of headphones. Shoppers are then allowed to make their own decisions based on the features that are important to them. One of the most popular articles on explains the best features to compare when shopping for headphones. Those features include obvious choices like sound quality as well as less-common features like weight and the length of the headphone’s wire.

Above all, there’s one important thing to think about when buying headphones:

“The best way to ensure buyers are getting the right headphones for their needs is to think about where they’re going to use their headphones. For example, some people buy headphones only for use at the gym, while others want to tune out office noise at work. Obviously, different types of headphones are suited for different tasks, which is why our site is designed to help visitors whether they’re purchasing gym headphones, school headphones, or any other type of headphones for their needs.”

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