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Digiteyesed Attracts Photographers Striving for the Perfect Shot


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2012 -- Photography allows people to share their vision of the world with others. This can mean taking snapshots of cozy moments with loved ones, capturing unique images of faraway lands or crafting an artistic vision. To get that perfect shot, both professionals and amateurs must have knowledge of all the techniques — new and old — that should be part of a photographer’s toolkit. These techniques can be more important than the camera equipment that is used.

For this reason, there is one website that has been generating a lot of buzz among photographers. The website Digiteyesed provides a place for sharing and learning about all kinds of photography techniques and trends from across the world.

Digiteyesed is a photography blog that allows users to share their work and their tricks of the trade with other amateur and professional photographers. Blog entries address both technical and practical subjects that will interest photographers of all levels. Even those who are considering picking up a camera for the first time can find advice on what kinds of equipment and software will get them quality results.

Knowing the ins and outs of equipment options, lighting, artistic composition and editing software is essential for getting a successful photograph. However, there are other elements that are just as critical:

“A real photographer has to know how to take pictures. They have to have inspiration to help make the prints come to life. It’s not enough to just point and shoot; you have to have editing skills to help bring the picture to life. So, you have the skill of taking pictures and the editing abilities, but now you need inspiration. Where do you get your inspiration?” asks the Digiteyesed.

Digiteyesed provides a place for photographers to discuss the answer to this question and more. Almost every blog entry features large, high-quality images, provided as an illustration of the article’s topic. This means that the website is as fun to browse as it is informative.

Recent articles have discussed the histogram feature on cameras, macro photography, self-portraits and traveling photography. Visitors will also find technical product reviews of lenses and cameras. Those in search of inspiration should make sure to take a look at the discussions of broader themes in photography such as “What Is Photography?” “Capturing Beauty on Film,” “What Inspires Your Photography?”

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Digiteyesed is a photography blog that provides a forum for photographers to read about and discuss photography techniques, camera equipment, editing tools and artistic inspiration. Visitors are also kept informed of the latest news in photography and camera technology.

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