DIMBODY Crowdfunding Project Launched

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for DIMBODY, a 3D desktop scanner with high accuracy and even higher potential.


Rimini, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- Offering a simpler way to turn any physical object into a digital 3D model an innovative company based in Rimini, Italy has launched a crowdfunding project to support their highly convenient scanner called the DIMBODY. The innovative product will amply revolutionize the now complicated process that is 3D printing. “Before, once the object was scanned it had to go through a CAD drawing process which was very time consuming and complicated. Now with DIMBODY, to get the digital model all one has to do is simply put the physical object on the rotating turret and the rotating platform will scan it in a fully automated manner to give outstanding accuracy.” said Alessandro Grossi, CEO of DIMBODY. After a digital 3D model is sent to the user’s computer they can either modify it, transmit the digital model, or print the object using a 3D printer immediately.

DIMBODY is based on the triangulation between a laser plane and a CMOS monochromatic sensor. It begins by acquiring the point coordinates, or what the creators call a point cloud, of an object. The point cloud is then transformed into a 3D surface by the product’s software and saved as a STL file. When this easy step is accomplished the user can then print it on a 3D printer or scale, transform, and modify it in CAD software.

“Not to over simplify the process by any means but, the DIMBODY makes 3D printing so easy that if a consumer has it and a 3D printer, that’s all they need. They can simply copy things with precision. We’re so impressed by the product’s two rotating components, the platform and the turret, which allows the scanner to catch even the most complex and hidden details on the surface of any object.” added Grossi.

To offer the innovative DIMBODY at an approachable price the creators need to develop their own hardware, software and structural parts. Funding will support the purchase of five large moldings for the product’s frame, platform and turret and three small moldings for the rotating system. It will also support industrialized electronic hardware and three different electronic cards, a USB to interface with PC or Mac to power the product’s laser and move and control the turret and platform rotation. The USB will also synchronize movement and the image acquisition of the monochromatic CMOS sensor. Lastly, crowdfunding support will allow the DIMBODY creators to purchase a controller card for the stepper motors and a USB camera card.

So far, the products software base algorithms are tested and completed. DIMBODY’s design team now works to make the product interface easy to use. The product’s platform and the industrial design are complete, its hardware testing is underway, and the first production samples are currently ready to be launched. Crowdfunding supporters will receive various perks beginning with a fine “Thank you.” to a first pre-series DIMBODY complete with every software version the company releases for a lifetime and every hardware enhancement for the next tree years.

DIMBODY was born at and ALMA Graduate School in Bologna, Italy during an Executive Master in Business Administration class. The DIMBODY team is comprised of Alessandro Grossi, CEO and mechanical engineer with a Ph.D in product design. Having received his EMBA at Bologna University in Italy he has spent the last 15 years designing and developing various products for clients. Carmen Olei also joins the team as a marketing manager from Detroit, Michigan. Rounding out the team of three is Marica Soattin who has a Ph.D in Biotech and an EMBA. She brings to the team her expertise in software usability.

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