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Dimension Craft & Didgebridge Deliver Digital Product Catalog to CNS Annual Meeting 2017


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2017 -- Dimension Craft, Inc. and Didgebridge LLC delivered a custom digital product catalog as part of Mizuho America's exhibit presentation at this year's CNS (Congress of Neurological Surgeons) Annual Meeting.

Dimension Craft, Inc. and Didgebridge, LLC have a strategic partnership to combine the strengths of both firms to best serve their clients' interests and marketing requirements. Dimension Craft, Inc. is an integrated exhibit designer and builder with decades of client experience and Didgebridge, LLC is a mobile video and digital analytics company founded by senior marketing executives and award-winning technologists.

Mizuho America, Inc., located in Union City, CA was seeking to add a digital catalog within its exhibit structure for the CNS Annual Meeting in 2017. Mizuho wanted to display the wide range of surgical products on its website as well as from its other marketing materials. The goal was to put it all on one centralized platform that can be viewed on both a touch screen within the exhibit as well as on iPad devices during the exhibition.

"This was a unique project for us and it kept evolving as we worked on it. This was by no means cookie cutter in any way. All elements, from the exhibit itself to the digital catalog required innovative thought and careful delivery," Mallorie De Riggi, Marketing Manager at Dimension Craft explained.

The digital catalog was built to be an interactive web platform that was easy to use and intuitive for attendees as well as for sales representatives.

"Dimension Craft in partnership with Didgebridge is revolutionizing how surgeons access a wide variety of Mizuho products by not only creating a new kind of physical touch screen experience, but also by featuring a one-of-a-kind, convenient quick-access mobile video on-demand portal without the need for installing an app," said Ryan Swadley, Chief Innovation Officer for Didgebridge.

"This allows for the Mizuho interactive booth experience and its digital product catalog to be instantly available for their sales teams, thereby improving efficiency in re-communicating with booth attendees."

Ms. De Riggi added, "We wanted to do our very best for Mizuho and we're very fortunate to be backed by a firm like Didgebridge that brings so many years of innovative digital experience to be able to build out from scratch a comprehensive web platform that contained hundreds of pages of content within a relatively narrow turnaround time."

"Our partnership with Didgebridge enables us to expand our digital marketing and web development capabilities to our clients in a variety of beneficial and innovative ways," said Peter Hetzel, President of Dimension Craft Inc.

About Didgebridge LLC
Didgebridge LLC is a mobile video and analytics company founded in 2007 by senior marketing executives and award-winning technologists.