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DimensionU Announces 2016 Spring Tournament Season

EdGaming Math Competitions a Key Driver for Engaging a Diverse Spectrum of Students


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- Award-winning, educational games developer DimensionU, Inc., is pleased to announce the 2016 Spring Tournament Season for its highly popular DimensionU Math Video Game Competitions in partnership with a variety of local education agencies and STEM Outreach organizations. Math-based video game competitions provide a compelling environment to support student learning across a broad range of skill levels, offering the opportunity, regardless of academic background, for students to participate and achieve academic success. The spring tournament season kicks off this month in Dallas Independent School District at its annual STEM Day event on Saturday, February 6, 2016.

The tournament season slate continues with math competitions in the following locations:

Honolulu, Hawaii - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Charleston, South Carolina - Champaign, Ilinois - Rome, New York - Huntsville, Alabama - Picatinny, New Jersey - Tampa, Florida - Garland, Texas - Washington, D.C. - Austin, Texas - Fort Worth, Texas - New York, New York.

The competitions are typically conducted as live physical events involving elementary, middle and high school students under a team-based and/or individual-based structure with curriculum differentiated according to a student's current grade or performance level. This unique feature of the DimensionU Gaming platform, combined with its action-oriented game format, enables and fosters participation among a more inclusive base of students.

"Aside from educational excitement, what is most significant about our competitions is that they can be a key to unlocking the academic potential in students who may otherwise not be engaged in the classroom," said Steven Hoy, CEO of DimensionU, Inc. " We are creating positive change for many students and lighting a path towards the opportunity for higher education by establishing educational success through non-traditional means," added Hoy.

DimensionU games are available to individuals, classrooms, schools, after school programs and school divisions via web, mobile and desktop applications and are usable cross-platform. The DimensionU competitions are scalable from classroom to national levels in both virtual and physical environments. Visit DimensionU.com to learn more.

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Veronica Delbrugge, DimensionU, Inc.