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Din Rail Mounted Boxes Market Predicted to Witness Surge in the Near Future


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2018 -- In order to explore the market potential of din rail mounted boxes, we shall first explore what din rails are. Din rail is a kind of metal rail which is made in standard dimensions and is mostly used for hoisting various type of industrial equipment inside the equipment racks. These rails are mostly made up of cold rolled carbon steel sheet that is plated with zinc or chrome to impart a bright surface finish to the rails. The term din rail is derived from the original specifications published by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) in Germany, which are now being accepted as international (IEC) standards. So, as explained above, a din rail is a standard mounting rail that is designed for quick mounting of a variety of control components like circuit breakers, terminals, contactors, etc. The main advantage of using din rail mounted boxes is that they use much less space in mounting the equipment as compared with the traditional non din rail components are used in the field of industrial automation. Another major advantage that the use of din rail mounted boxes offers is that the system is entirely interchangeable. All the components can be easily mounted on the din rail. In addition, rather than opting for installing screw mounted components piece by piece in the control panel, if din rail system is used, then a lot of time is saved in installing or replacing the control panel components.

Din rail mounted boxes are ideal for industrial computers that are widely used in each and every manufacturing processes presently. These computers perform different tasks such as control, collection and processing of data. As these computers perform critical manufacturing functions, they need to be robust and capable for use in harsh environments. These equipment should have the capacity to withstand heat, demanding environmental conditions and vibrations. On the other hand, they must be easy to reach for operation and maintenance.

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For such purposes, din rails are being used in electrical engineering for mounting various equipment in racks, fuse boxes, cabinets, terminal boxes and other type of enclosures, where different electrical equipment such as switches, relays and terminals can be clipped and fixed on the rails from the front or in the form of a slide from the side. Hence, din rail mounted boxes always make sense for industrial computers, where there is a host of electronics and control with comprehensive electrical equipment. A common example of this assembly type is the PLC. Usually, din rail systems are small, since there are standard specifications for the size of the mounted equipment and in many cases there are limitations of space. Thus, the dimensions of such din rail mounted boxes from the specific shape of the front cover of the electrical installation cabinet or from standard distribution boxes, which have din mounting rails on their back. There are a variety of din rail mounted boxes standardized for various equipment types.

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With the boom of manufacturing in China, Taiwan, South Korea and the new opportunities for manufacturing are rising in emerging economies such as India, the demand for din rail mounted boxes is set to increase. As the manufacturing industry continues to expand, there is a strong and steady demand for industrial automation equipment such as din rail mounted boxes. However, since manufacturing industry is facing stagnation in most of the developed countries, the market for such type of industrial automation equipment may face a downturn. Also, as new technologies are emerging at a fast pace, there may be a chance that many kind of industrial automation equipment may become obsolete with the rise of new manufacturing techniques.

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Some of the prominent manufacturers of din rail mounted boxes include Leviton, Phoenix Contact, CSE, Connexbox, Clearwater Tech, Allen-Bradley, Auber instruments, Takachi, OKW Enclosures Inc., American Electrical Inc., Hitaltech USA, Camdenboss, etc. among others.