Dine-In Delivery Inc.

Dine-in Delivery Inc. Provides the Tools Needed to Start a Meal Delivery Business


Lafayette, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- The restaurant business has grown to be a $583 billion dollar industry. Anyone who wishes to get a slice of this pie without the hassle of owning a restaurant may wish to consider a food delivery business, Joe McVoy of Dine-In Delivery, Inc. states.

"The meal delivery business is rapidly growing and the average person can benefit from this," Mr. McVoy goes on to say. Surveys conducted by the National Restaurant Association show that up to 75% of consumers would order food from their favorite restaurant if they could have it delivered to them. At this time, only 10% of consumers have this option though so this is an open market just waiting for the right person. When one chooses this option, he or she makes 50% more in profit than with a traditional franchise."

Dine-In Delivery, Inc. believes each operator has an equity stake in his or her business and therefore deserves to make decisions that will affect the business. As no two locations are the same, the operator understands what works best for his or her locale which is why this isn't a franchise opportunity, but a business one. "No operating rules are set, even for those who choose to pay a licensing fee to make use of the Dine-In Delivery name."

The operator does nothing more than connect customers with restaurant menus before providing the chosen meals at the location the customer requests. A dispatcher is used to take orders coming in, place the orders and then send a driver to pick the meal up and deliver. The owner can play a role in this, as many choose to, or he or she may sit back and just collect the profits. "Everyone wins when a meal delivery service is established. Restaurants see a better profit margin on those meals sold for delivery than traditional sit-down meals in the restaurant. The delivery service owner wins as he or she makes a profit and the consumer wins as he or she gets their favorite meal in the location of their choosing," Mr. McVoy explains. "It's no wonder why so many are choosing meal delivery services. Everybody gets what they want when this is the case."

About Dine-In Delivery Inc.
Dine-In Delivery services one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant mail industry, the home and office restaurant meal delivery service. Dine-In Delivery differs from franchises in that the agreement one makes with the company consists of two simple pages. Created by John Seely, Dine-In Delivery is committed to ensuring each person wishing to take advantage of this opportunity has the information needed to make his or her business a success. Mr. Seely personally meets with each potential operator to share confidential operating and financial information to ensure this is the right match for both parties. Joe McVoy, as Vice President of Marketing, works with operators and answers all questions which arise while Ed Huddle, Director of Operational Reviews, completes business reviews after a potential operator's meeting with John Seely. Mr. Huddle works with the operator to offer restaurant presentations in an effort to ensure the operator has restaurants on board. All work together to ensure each operator has the tools needed to succeed in this industry.