Diogo Catarino Looks to Raise Funds via Indiegogo for the Creation and Publicity of Patmoos.


Londrina, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Patmoos aims to be the site where people will find everything and everyone. Users will be able to meet their friends, but, most of all, they will relate to people who share the same interests as them, whatever they might be.

The idea of such a site arose from the fact of Diogo Catarino being a fan of pop culture. He enjoys literature, movies, games, etc. He likes not only to consume them, but also to talk about them. He though there is a need for a website where one can discuss about anything with anyone. He also that realized such a product would correspond to the need of several person, and could relate to several things, such as pop culture, school, university, hobbies, religions, fashion, poetry, and many more.

One of the most interesting things about Patmoos will be tagging virtually anything: Photos, links, chat rooms, forums and even comments. Thus, you’ll be able to diffuse your rooms easily, and find other people and groups that share similar interests.

The funding is required for three main actions:
- The creation of Patmoos for mobile devices, tablets, web admin and website.
- To have a fast server so that the site does not crash, frustrating users.
- Advertisement is one of the most important requirements for this dream to come true – making it known all over the world.

This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: November 29, 2013 - January 08, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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