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Dione International Pte Ltd Delivers Only the Best Aesthetic Skincare Worldwide


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2012 -- Building a medical beauty business with the best skincare and haircare products means having access to wholesale beauty products, which is what Dione International Pte Ltd offers to clients worldwide. The company specializes in the very best korean skincare products at the lowest wholesale prices anywhere, which is a winning combination for start up companies, clinics, or doctor's offices.

Clara Chng, media contact, was asked recently about the products the company distributes. "Each product line helps with different aspects of the skin. For instance, CUSkin is helpful for people with troubled skin and it differs from other skincare lines since it actually improves the skin's condition overall. BS Medical is a stem cell therapy that is helpful for people dealing with alopecia and obesity. Daewoong skincare is specifically for people with sensitive skin and people who have had plastic surgery. IKIN is a cell stem activator also for troubled skin. Lastly, Dr LAAC is a haircare line that can rejuvenate the hair follicles through stem cell protein."

Dione International offers top brands of skincare to doctors, skin doctors, and plastic surgeons around the world, but the company does so in a consistent and effective way, which is what keeps customers loyal to the Dione. In addition to the competitive prices the company offers, it is their customer service that is quite unique and stands out from their competition. Dione as a company takes care of customers before the sale and after the sale to ensure the order and products are working well. This is something that is not often seen with many companies, which is why Dione tends to have a very loyal customer base.

"We have customers that have been with us from the very beginning since we opened for business. This is something we greatly appreciate and never take for granted. Many of these long time customers have engaged in word of mouth marketing for us by telling others about their experience and that has added to our customer base", Ms. Chng added.

What is the future of Dione? "We are expanding into new markets overseas and looking forward to new markets experiencing the products we currently distribute and new products will have in the future. We have worked very hard building a good customer following due to offering the best products at competitive prices and making sure the items are shipped quickly. All the details of the sale and after sale are very important when selling products and building good customer relationships", Ms. Chng concluded.

About Dione International Pte Ltd
Dione International Pte Ltd founded in 2009 in order to help facilitate and distribute korean skin care products throughout Singapore. The company now is the exclusive distributor for some of the best haircare and skincare products including IKIN, CUSkin, BS Medical, DR LAAC, and Daewoong. Doctors and plastic surgeons are the key customers the company sees in Singapore, but they are distributors to other countries as well including Thailand, Malaysia, United States, and Australia.