FSBO System

Direct Home Selling Solution FSBO System Founded by Kirk Wickersham Receives Immense Praise


Anchorage, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Despite offering their service since 1995, the FSBO System has recently caught major attention amongst home sellers due its direct method of finding buyers, without the involvement of agents and brokers. This straight forward method can save nearly 6% of asset value which usually means savings of thousands of dollars. The company informed that in 2012 their clients saved an average of $18,510 via their system.

Kirk Wickersham, a reputed lawyer and real estate broker with over 40 years of experience, created the FSBO System to help home owners achieve more value for their properties by directly interacting with the buyers. This innovative technology enabled sellers to not only keep the entire commission but also sell their property much quicker.

As a real estate broker and lawyer himself, Kirk knew that many home owners are often confused with the documentation and legality concerns and hence prefer to hire a brokerage to handle all specifics and worry about the final selling price only. This is where the Kirk Wickersham FSBO System has excelled at, apart from increasing the chances of sale by listing the property on local MLS, Realtor.com and other popular online home listings the company takes cares of all documentation, disclosure forms of the province or state, federal disclosures, purchase and sale agreements and everything to ensure the property is sold professionally in a similar fashion the leading real estate brokers provide.

The company offers unlimited support to simplify the procedure to home sellers and keep them up to date on the latest sale scenario. Currently providing 2 programs – the FSBO System and FSBO System Pro (available in metro Denver and metro Anchorage only) – both systems have a fixed price regardless of the cost and type of property which is very nominal compared to real estate services available in the industry today.

One key reason why the Kirk Wickersham innovative home selling solution has now gained more attention is because the method has also shown great success in the recently turbulent economic period. The FSBO System has outperformed average local agent listing in terms of days on market and chance of success. Many clients have praised the ease of the overall procedure of the FSBO System and the significant savings which they have utilized for other priorities.

About FSBO System
Founded in 1995, FSBO System is an integrated home-selling technology which enables home owners to directly sell their property, bypassing the involvement of agents and brokers in the sale, hence offering significant additional savings. The company currently offers two programs to easily sell homes – the FSBO System and the FSBO System Pro. Further details of the FSBO System programs and additional information regarding the working of the system can be viewed on the company’s official website, FSBOSystem.com. The company was founded by Kirk Wickersham, a highly experienced lawyer and real estate broker who is currently a member of the Anchorage board of realtors and previously served as the Chair of the Alaska Real Estate Commission.

For more information about FSBO System and FSBO System Pro, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of fsbosystem.com, please call at (949) 555-2861 or email to info@fsbosystem.com.