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Direct Sales Investigators Prove Xocai Chocolate Norway Scam as False Accusations in Manitoba Canada : MXI Corp Growth Surge Expected in Nova Scotia Canada


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Debra started her career in sales in 1996. Her experience in the service industry gave her the confidence that she needed to be able to up sell and increase revenue for whoever she was employed with. For 3 years she excelled in sales with 2 different businesses. The first one was in outside sales with B&O of Sacramento. With the rising need for technology in business she was able to build a regular clientele and referral business quickly. Cell phones  were in huge demand and it wasn't hard for her to sell multiple units with a great product through Pac Bell.  When a new product came out that not only gave companies with a need for multiple units but also a 2 way radio it opened a whole new market for her with the Nextel product. Soon between the 2 products she was able to take her sales from 20 phones a month to over 100. Earning bonuses and prizes in her industry she some how found the time to take on another sales job in another booming industry. With being able to sell multiple units to trucking companies, construction companies and outside sales companies she was able to cut back on her hours and take on a new job in the Real Estate market selling window coverings to new home owners. After getting the sales experience she needed with a larger company she moved to a small family owned business in South Lake Tahoe. In just 4 short months she took her sales from $10,000.00 a month to over $40,000.00 a month and helped the company to exceed any goals that had ever been set.

Debra's passion for photography started in 1994 when she relocated to Los Angeles to study theater. It was there that she discovered the need for affordable photography for aspiring actors and actresses. During a trip home to the small town where she grew up she purchased her first camera. Returning to Los Angeles she started practicing on friends and classmates. It came naturally to her and people started complimenting her work and she was able to start a part time business that would later pay for her photography schooling. Word spread fast about her talent and ability to capture light and the personality of her subject. A short while later she enrolled in the photography program at Santa Monica College. She excelled in her studies and in just  a short amount of time she was able go from just a few hundred dollars a month to a low 4 figure income. After studying for 3 semesters she decided that Northern California was more of a fit for her and held more of a future for growth as an artist. So she took a break in pursuit of the possibilities of being a portrait and wedding photographer. After her break she discovered her love for the mountains and the possibilities that South Lake Tahoe held for her as a photographer. She made the move there and began her life as an entrepreneur. Building her reputation in children's black and white portraits she was able to quickly build a portfolio of beautiful images. It was just a couple of months later when she met the owner of RAM Photography. In just a short amount of time she was able to build a separate division of his business and excel his sales in black and white portraits and prints. Creating her own images and prints she took the companies sales in that department from $3,500 a year to over $30,000 a year.,,

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