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Direct Mail Gets Personalized Touch and Is Low Cost for Local Businesses Nation Wide with Street Bidder App


Fenton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- Local businesses have a new way of creating customized direct mail for advertising their services to residents. Street Bidder, LLC has announced their new mobile app. The Street Bidder app provides for creation and direct mail distribution of postcards with an image of residents own home on the front of the advertisement, something local businesses anywhere can use. The mobile app works with the iPad, iPhone and Android.

Street Bidder says their direct mail process is simple and inexpensive. The mobile app allows for the capture of images, so a user can take an image of a home or series of homes in a neighborhood, enter the address or addresses and then use templates provided within the app to create a postcard which then will be direct mailed to the neighborhood residents, with the picture of their home displayed on the postcard. Pricing begins at $0.47 per card. The database of home images and addresses can be used again and again.

Company founder, Joshua Latimer, says of Street Bidder, "The app creates a direct mail piece that brings phenomenal response rates. It always drove me nuts when doing direct mail that half of my cards would end up at apartments or vacant and unkempt homes. So I figured out a better way"

Joshua Latimer gained the inspiration for Street Bidder six months ago. As the owner of a window cleaning company, he was always trying to craft and implement ways to market his business. Local radio, social media, newspapers, flyers and coupons were all a part of his marketing mix, but like other local business owners he was always looking for that break-out idea that would step him out in front of the competition. Then he had the idea for Street Bidder. For six months he has worked to develop and test Street Bidder and the results have been what he has described as, "shock and awe."

Always one to implement technology in the trenches of his window cleaning business, Joshua Latimer's employees all manage their jobs on-site with iPads. Street Bidder fits a marketing synergy for residential service businesses that utilize mobile app technology. The employees are already in the neighborhood; their trucks are already being seen by many neighbors. Backing that up with a personalized follow-up postcard to the neighborhood works not only on a reinforcement level of name and image, but also speaks volumes about the businesses interest in a community.

An explainer video, FAQ and other info about Street Bidder can be found by going to:

The app officially launches June 15th 2013. You can sign up to be notified when it's available at:

About Street Bidder LLC
Street Bidder LLC is an app development company founded by Joshua Latimer. He also owns Birds Beware Window Cleaning company in Michigan. They service over 2,000 customers. His experience with his window cleaning company led to the founding of Street Bidder LLC and creating the Street Bidder app.

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