DISC Assessments Can Be Utilized for Achieving Fitness Goals & Resolutions

Unlock Fitness Success with DISC Personality Assessments from PeopleKeys


Boardman, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- DISC assessments are commonly used in the workplace to help increase employee productivity and morale, to make correct hiring decisions, and more. But understanding DISC personality type can also provide far-reaching benefits, including for personal health and fitness goals and resolutions, which is why DISC Insights and PeopleKeys are now providing a convenient online fitness report based on DISC personality.

The PeopleKeys Online DISC Fitness Report produces a unique and carefully tailored plan based upon each person's DISC personality type. DISC assessments provide insight into key personality traits and styles, and this can be crucial for success with any potential fitness program.

By learning what motivates a person, what types of goals a person will enjoy setting and working towards, which types of challenges a person likes to overcome and more, anybody can begin seeing much improved health and fitness success.

Depending on the specifics of what is revealed through DISC motivation and personality questioning, one person may find that they should be working in group classes and instruction, while another may learn to train outdoors, on their own time and schedule. One person may need to reach for the stars in as little time as possible, others may need to take the slow and steady track to ensure they stay on pace and can experience positive reinforcement and success along the way.

With the PeopleKeys Online Fitness Report based on DISC personality, fitness goals and resolutions can be instantaneously transformed from wishy-washy into carefully planned and scientifically backed, geared towards better, quicker and more consistent results.

The report can be purchased online for just $12, and takes as little as seven minutes to complete. It will provide anybody with the unique insight and information they need to make dramatic changes in their lives, to unlock their potential, and to look and feel better than ever.

DISC personality assessments are not solely for the boardroom and the classroom any longer, they're also for the gym, for personal goals, and for fitness resolutions too.

For more information about DISC assessments and their many wonderful applications both professionally and personally, visit Call 800.779.3472 with any specific questions or to place an order.

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