Discipline of Love Announces New Website

Learn how to be freed from your deepest fears


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- If you want to get rid of your deepest fears and be free from it all, then the best way to do it is by going to the http://disciplineoflove.com/ website. In fact, they have a 4 day intensive program for couples that would be very helpful for you and your partner to sort out your problems.

Amber Lupton and Nathan Otto, the people who are offering this intensive program, have had a lot of success in ensuring that all the fears that you may have can be banished. They have been working on this for more than 10 years and a lot of couples, some of them very powerful; have asked for guidance from them. The idea behind this project was that the couples that could actually make a difference in this world were being stopped because they had a couple of issues in their personal life. Therefore, with the help they got from this program, they were able to resolve their issues and concentrate on more important work.

For quite a few numbers of years, they have been given feedback that they should start a program for all couples who need to sort out their issues as it would be very helpful to them. As a result, this 4-day transformational process was started that would help couples fight their fears and ensure that they can resolve all their problems. In fact, the partners have even given TED talks on this aspect and have also trained hundreds of people of which you can find videos on the internet.

If you are part of a relationship that is having problems, then you need to ensure that you and your partner resolve it. The Discipline of Love’s 4-day intensive program would be held in New York from October 5-8 this year and would be in San Francisco from November 9-12 this year. Usually, the program costs 5000 dollars. But if you register during August 1 to 15, you would get a rebate of 50%. Therefore, you would only have to pay 2500 dollars. And if you are coming alone, then you would be required to pay only 1500 dollars. So, don’t delay it anymore and register for this unique program that would help you resolve all your fears.

Discipline of Love is a website which offers advice on love and relationships. There are particularly painful areas such as rejection, cheating and the fear factor. They say that the best thing to do in relationships is to trust the gut feeling and go by that.