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Discount Golf Equipment Introduces Sources of Affordable Clubs for Everyday Golfers

Everyday golfers have much more fun on the course when they use equipment tailored just for them, reports Discount Golf Equipment


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Consumers will spend almost $4 billion on golf equipment in 2014, according to a prediction by the Statistics Portal, but not all of this spending will result in good investments. Instead, many pieces of equipment will be bent, broken, or thrown into closets in frustration. This is because the quality of the equipment is extremely variable.

"It's hard for consumers to find good equipment when they don't already know exactly what to look for," says William Donaldson of Discount Golf Equipment. "One of the reasons for this is that many golf magazine reviews are written with professional golfers in mind. This can make readers feel good by allowing them to identify with the pros, but it also leads to frustration when it comes to buying clubs and other equipment that will work well at the everyday level."

One difference between pro and amateur equipment is the size of the face on golf clubs. Professionals are limited to smaller faces that require a high amount of skill to professionally use, but amateurs will find it much less frustrating to go ahead and use bigger clubs.

"We review equipment with the everyday golfer in mind," Donaldson said, "and this allows regular people to enjoy the game of golf as a source of fun rather than competitive performance. Simple changes in equipment styles can make the game much more enjoyable without totally destroying its challenge."

There is also no need for an everyday golfer to spend thousands of dollars on clubs, golfballs, and other necessary items. Low-priced clubs can be good for beginners or people who want to save a more expensive set for special days. Even better, there are ways to test golf clubs and then negotiate discounts to get a deal on better-quality equipment.

"For those who just have to use what the pros do, there is the economical option of choosing a copy version of the clubs in question. The same can go for bags and similar equipment. Copy golf clubs look and work the same as the big-name brands, but are much easier on the wallet. They are, however, just as challenging to use as the original version. Therefore, these are best for intermediate or skilled golfers rather than beginners."

Finding inexpensive golf clubs, discount golf balls, and other equipment can sometimes be challenging. Certain pro shops pride themselves on carrying only the best equipment - and by their definition, "best" is synonymous with "extremely expensive." One way to avoid this problem is to look for specialized discount sites like Discount Golf Equipment, which focuses on everyday golfers and presents outlets that offer affordable equipment.

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