Joe Bragg Launches Buy One Get One Half Price Initiative


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- The weight loss industry changes every year. A product that may be popular one year could disappear the next. But the quality weight-loss products always rise to the top. According to Dr. Oz, green coffee bean extract is one such product. is one of the market leading suppliers on green coffee bean extract and they have been getting a lot of attention lately for their promotional strategy. The site has instigated numerous deep price cuts to their range of products including offering a buy one get one half price campaign. A spokesperson explained their move:

“We’ve always been competitive in price but we wanted to produce something that is market leading and great value. Each of our bundles now comes with some form of promotional offer which is great news for consumers.”

As well as promotional offers the site features a plethora of information about green coffee bean extract. After being featured on the Dr. Oz show, consumers have been looking for more information on the products benefits. A spokesperson for gave some background on the product:

“Green coffee bean extract has been scientifically linked to weight loss. The secret is the chlorogenic acids inside coffee beans. Chlorogenic acids attack fat cells in the body and melt them away. This improves the metabolic rate of our bodies and promotes healthy blood sugar levels while regulating blood pressure. Ultimately, this leads to weight loss which doesn’t negatively affect the health of our bodies. This doesn’t mean it’s a miracle cure for obesity but in our opinion it is one of the best supplements to accelerate fat loss.”

The flagship product offered by is called Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. It’s designed to deliver the maximum dose of green coffee bean extract while limiting the amount of dangerous fillers. The goal of the product is to provide a standard 800mg serving of green coffee bean extract without resorting to synthetic chemicals or other dangerous practices.

The website promises that all of the ingredients inside Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract are made in American FDA-approved laboratories. So, instead of receiving low-cost filler ingredients from third-world factories, is committed to delivering ingredients of the highest possible level of quality.

Like any weight loss pill, promises to be easy to take. Simply take one 800mg capsule per day and combine the effects of the pill with a healthy diet and exercise routine. According to Dr. Oz, NBC, ABC, The Doctors, CNN, and other programs, people who do this should start to see results within weeks.

About sells a product called Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Featured on the Dr. Oz show and other programs, coffee bean extract has been linked to healthy, natural weight loss. For more information, please visit: