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Discover How LED Light Therapy Can Help Combat SAD


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- With fall upon us seasonal affective disorder (also called SAD) is now in its beginning stage, SAD is a kind of seasonal depression that is most prevalent in the winter because of the decreased amount of natural sunlight. This type of depression is most commonly known as the winter blues and begins early fall until spring. A less common type of SAD, known as summer depression, begins in the late spring or early summer.

Light Box Therapy has become one of the most popular and revolutionary ways to treat seasonal affective disorder. This revolutionary led light therapy treatment has proven to be an effective method to eliminating SAD, the winter blues, postpartum, empty nest and so much more.

There are many benefits to using a LED light therapy box such as being able to perform this treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home, affordability and convenience. LED light therapy is a proven method of treating seasonal affective disorder and has become a popular alternative to prescription medication. Generally, light box therapy treatment takes about 30 minutes a day and is best used in the morning.

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