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Discover Inner Peace and Success with the Sedona Method


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- The KISS Releasing Process is a technique to enhance one’s life by releasing negativity. This is done by reducing stress, increasing self confidence, improving personal relationships, and increasing one’s income. The term KISS is an acronym for Keep it Simple Sweetheart. It was coined by Lester Levenson, the founder of the KISS Releasing Technique. He used this technique himself for the first time in 1952 to heal himself from health problems.

Although a physicist by profession, Levenson had extensive knowledge in the field of Psychology, Economics, Logic, and Philosophy. However, when he was diagnosed in early 1952 with a number of health issues he realized that these qualifications were of no use to him on his deathbed. After a period of intense reflection, Lester Levenson came to the conclusion that it is more valuable to love others than to be loved by others. This initiated the recovery process. Not only was he able to improve his overall physical health, but he was also able to free himself from ego and the let go of the compulsion to be in control of his environment.

Today, the KISS Releasing technique is known as the Sedona Method. It has been verified as an authentic and effective technique to achieve better mental and physical health. Scientists and Researchers from well known institutions such as Harvard University, Columbia University, and the State University of New York have proven the Sedona Method as a valid technique to improve one’s life on an overall level.

Stephen Seretan, a close friend and student of the well known Lester Levenson, is driven to carry on Levenson’s message to enrich the lives of others. He is the author of the book Lester and Me. In it he chronicles his conversations with Levenson. Through his website,, members are given access to material that will assist them in a better understanding of the Sedona Method. In addition, counseling sessions and seminars are provided to teach interested members in applying the techniques of this method in their own lives.

There will be an Advanced KISS Releasing Class in Sedona AZ. It will be held on Lester Levenson's 160 acre retreat center in May 2014. The date is still open and members are encouraged to apply. Further, there will be free Resistance Releasing lessons and a conference call to students who have already taken the KISS Basic Course. Members who attend either of the two seminars will receive live coaching by Stephen Seretan himself and a copy of his book Lester and Me worth $200.

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About Stephen Seretan
Stephen Seretan was a student and close friend of Lester Levenson, the founder of the Sedona Method. He is the author of the book Lester and Me in which he shares the conversations that he had with Levenson. His mission is to assist people find peace of mind and eventual success by using the KISS Releasing Technique.

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