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New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2015 -- The erstwhile political capital of India was also the intellectual and cultural capital of the country. During the British Raj, Calcutta, as it then called, thrived as the main trading hub for the Sub-continent. It is challenging to find one word to depict this vibrant and yet enigmatic city. An old world charm veils this city of joy. Its gait is slow and stubborn. It is a sharp contrast to the pace of any other city like Mumbai or the current capital New Delhi. From the sluggish trams to Victorian buildings, the impact of the Colonization is vivid and looms large over the contours of this city.

The denizens of Kolkata have earned laurels for the city and the country and have had an immense contribution to its rich cultural heritage. From the Nobel in literature to the Oscars in Cinema, they have bagged it all.

The Kolkata city tours are an eclectic mix of the bygone era and the vibrant present. From awe-inspiring architecture to vast botanical gardens, Kolkata contains every ingredient to satiate the travel hungry palate.

The Victoria Memorial is one of the most celebrated monuments of the city. A colossal structure in white marble, it was built in honour of Queen Victoria. The soaring chambers and the gallery with exhibits depicting Bengal's history are the major attractions.

The 'Jewel Box Temple Of Calcutta' or the Jain Temple and Indian Museum are other places to visit in Kolkata. The temple bearing exquisite designs created out of glass mosaics, coloured stones and huge mirrors, dedicated to the 10th Tirthankara or Jain priest is a major attraction.

Compass India Inc. conducts private tours to Kolkata and recommends a visit to the Marble Palace. It is a palatial mansion built by an art connoisseur Raja Rajendra Mullick. Sustained by Corinthian pillars and Tuscan columns, this grand structure houses sculptures from the Victorian era.

An enduring Anglo-Indian influence prevails on the city's shoulder. In the 70's, Calcutta, by it old spelling, enjoyed a nightlife that was way to progressive for the rest of India. The bejeweled Park Street had several pubs and nightclubs where English music and liquor permeated into their patron's senses. Germinating from this culture, several newbies with equal essence but renewed vigour, opened up and is thriving now. Though live music is common in most pubs across India, Kolkata has a cache of local well known bands rendering their music and enthralling its listeners. Durjay Sengupta, the CEO of Compass, who grew up in Kolkata, feels one evening must be reserved for Park Street to enjoy the music, the cuisine the ambience et al.

Compass encourages its guests to visit the Missionaries of Charity or the Mother Teresa House. A trip to Kolkata is sketchy without paying a visit here. It is impossible to gauge her body of work or her contribution to the Indian society by a single visit. Yet, it is important to be aware of it. The House offers a glimpse of the life and works of The Mother, whose sole mission was to help the poorest of poor and to those who had no place to go to. After paying obeisance to her tomb, a walk down the photo gallery gives an idea of her contribution.

A drive past the Dalhousie Square gives an idea of the British Raj's impact over the city. Even today, most of the then built buildings houses various Government offices. The Writers Building is where the current State Secretariat is; the Raj Bhawan is the Governor's House. The General Post Office, the High Court and the Town Hall are all standing tall to tell the tales of the bygone era.

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