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Discover What the Year of Goat in Chinese Astrology 2015 Has to Offer

Hear from Astrologer George Tang about your Future Path and what may await in 2015


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- What happens in the past cannot be changed but what the future holds can to a degree be predicted and controlled with the insight provided by the ancient art of Chinese Astrology. This Astrology is a perfect amalgamation of traditional Chinese astronomy and its calendars. The philosophy has a deep relation with the harmony between earth, water and heaven. It also uses the Yin and Yang principles and those concepts that are not found or used in Western Astrology. Some of the most important concepts are those of the Wu Xing Teachings with ten celestial stems, twelve earthly branches, moon calendar, sun calendar and the time calculation after day, month, year and shichen.

George Tang has developed George Tang Chinese Astrology Online to publicize his free horoscope analysis so that individuals can apply Chinese Astrology in everyday life. Whether struggling to cope with stress, difficulties, health, wealth or life responsibilities, Chinese Astrology helps them find answers that play a crucial role in decision making. Astrology will help individuals discover their true potential so that they can embark on the quality of life that they have always wanted. Individuals can use this medium to plan a big event such as a wedding or opening new business ventures to signing new contracts.

The coming year 2015 is the Year of Goat/Sheep. For those who want to see what this year could have for them in future, this is the right place to be. The coming year symbolizes wisdom, prosperity and fortune. “I have found that astrology, properly and professionally used, can provide huge insights into areas of life that we may try to steer clear of thinking about. In providing insight, horoscope predictions enable us to consider and face that which we may otherwise choose to ignore. This is incredibly well received by my clients”, says George. As the goat is the eighth sign according to Chinese astrology, number 8 is the lucky number. The site below offers zodiac predictions for Dog, Dragon, Goat, Horse, Monkey, Ox, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Rooster, Snake and Tiger.

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About George Tang
George Tang born and raised in Hong Kong is a Chinese Astrology expert. George has created his latest website for all those individuals who are interested in Chinese Astrology and are keen to know what the year of the Goat/Sheep could have for them. The site allows them to learn about their astral destiny.


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