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People who are on a quest to find their real native roots can seek appropriate support from this online source


Remington, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Countries usually offer very little support and facilities to people in finding their true native heritage and roots. The popular Lucky Media Group has introduced a website with the purpose of assisting individuals in discovering their real Native American roots.

The website also offers ‘The Native American Connect Formula’ in order to educate people with proven techniques to find their family roots connected to the Tribes of Native America. Hundreds of men and women have benefitted from the services of this facility. Viewers will get to know the way of life of true Native Americans through the online source

A spokesperson of the program says, “It’s been proven time and time again how many people today with the help of The Native American Connect Formula can go from a zero Native American status to a member of a Native American Tribe with a range of Native American benefits virtually overnight compared to traditional methods.”

Registered members of The Native American Connect Formula receive Native information regarding child care, Tribal Leader’s Directory, education, grants, training, Unlimited Dawes Roll and Native Trust Fund Search, Life-Time Member Access, special offers and discounts, as well as Obama care. In addition, the program includes printable forms, Native Zodiac Chart, Minority Status, Housing, Adopted Native Resource, Events Info, DNA Test Resource, Upcoming Celebrations Info, Canadian Indian Resources, C.D.I.B lost card recovery, Prescription Drug Saving Card, and nutrition and food programs.

The formula is also designed to provide valuable information for federally and state registered American Indian Tribes. The website now offers a lifetime membership to users with a one-time fee which comes to around $20.

The website says, “The page depicts Native American life and a sense of belonging to a Tribe and a culture that is on the rise and moving forward enjoying and promoting a Native way of life.”

Knowledge of one’s roots is essential for every individual to lead a happy life devoid of any confusion. Real and truthful information from the online source and its programs appear to be very much beneficial to people who are looking to enrich and enhance their lifestyle with a new meaning and purpose.

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About is an online resource, which aims at assisting and helping people in discovering their true or real Native American roots. The website also offers a formula with detailed information and a number of free programs, which can be beneficial to registered members.

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