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Discovery Office Systems Streamlines Complex Workflows to Improve Office Efficiencies


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Companies frequently strive to streamline complex workflows into simple processes to improve overall efficiencies and yet often fail in this goal, as they are unsure of where changes need to be made. "When one chooses to make use of document management solutions, they find they are able to optimize their output set up quickly and easily, and yet this is only one of many changes which can be made to improve overall efficiency," the support team at Discovery Office Systems explains.

Managed document services allow a company to streamline their output management while reducing their IT department workload and minimizing environmental impact. "Before any solutions are put into place, Discovery Office Systems conducts an analysis of the current office structure to determine where changes need to be made. Once this step has been completed, creation of a detailed program begins, a program which addresses the specific issues of the company. This ensures the results seen are significant, the cost reductions are easily noticeable and the administration benefits are of value to the company," the support team continues.

With this process, supplies management tends to be simplified, as consumables use is reduced, energy costs typically decrease, and companies retain the ability to set up print policies to help avoid unnecessary costs. Document management times decrease while device management is optimized, saving time and reducing frustration among staff members, and maintenance and repair services become the responsibility of Discovery Office Systems. "These are just a few of the benefits seen by customers of Discovery Office Systems. There are many others a client may expect to see when making use of document management solutions and managed network services offered through the company," the support team declares.

To further streamline office processes, Discovery Office Systems provides business printing services, operates as an IT managed service provider, manages costs and protects company assets, along with a great deal more. "Discovery Office Systems dedicates its work to enhancing clients' ability to conduct business in an efficient manner while opening lines of communication with their client base, making use of the latest technologies to achieve these goals. The focus remains on providing clients with the greatest customer experience at all times," the support staff professes.

About Discovery Office Systems
Discovery Office Systems, established in 1958, began as a small mimeo and printing equipment and supply company designed to support local businesses. In 2003, Kyocera Mita purchased this company and, within three short years, became known as an industry leader in customer satisfaction by JD Power and Associates. The company strives to foster a relationship with customers, one based on partnerships, expertise, and professional solutions that will enhance customers' ability to conduct business, operate efficiently and communicate with their clients using the latest technologies. Efforts focus on supplying the greatest customer experience at all times.