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Display Driver IC Market Projected to Be Influenced by Rising Technological Innovations


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2018 -- A display driver IC is a semiconductor material which creates an interface between a microcontroller, microprocessor, application specific integration circuit (ASIC), or a peripheral interface, and displays such as thin film transistor(TFT), light emitting diode (LED), liquid crystal display (LCD), organic light emitting diode (OLED), variable-frequency drive (VFD) and many more. The display driver uses interfaces like complementary metal?€"oxide?€"semiconductor (CMOS), transistor-transistor Logic (TTL), serial peripheral interface (SPI) and generates signals with suitable current, timing, demultiplexing, and voltage to display the desired content over the display. The display driver helps to activate the pixels within the display and creates a high resolution image. The liquid crystals in the display bends when they receive the current;, it changes the intensity of the light which gets mixed with the color filter on a glass substrate resulting in an image on the panel.

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The significant sales of electronic devices like TV's, PC's, and mobile phones is likely to affect the growth of the display driver IC market appreciably over the forecast period, as display drivers IC is used in activation of pixels in the display of TV's, PC's and phones. Additionally, with the increasing number of smartphones on a global scale, there could be a notable rise in demand for integration of touch and display controllers which could have an effect on the display driver IC market. In order to cope up with such demands, many touch controller companies have started acquiring driver IC makers, the most recent example are when Synaptics and FocalTech announced acquisitions of Renesas SP and Orise, respectively. Asia Pacific is one of the most prominent regions where the sales of phones, TV, and PC is projected to see significant growth; hence, focusing on that region could help the display driver IC market grow significantly. Furthermore, as display technologies such as flexible displays, curved displays, and foldable smartphones are gaining popularity amongst consumers, the increase in the popularity of these devices can have a significant impact on the digital display IC market during the forecast period. Despite the technical problems associated with the development of display drivers compatible with every device, flexible devices could have a momentous growth over the forecast period, which can affect the growth of the display driver IC market. Moreover rising demand for high resolution displays could also affect the market.

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The display driver IC market can be segmented based on three segments which are display types, devices, and geographical regions. In terms of display type, the market can be segmented into LCD, LED, OLED TFT and others. Based on device type, the market can be divided into phones, PC's, TV's, and others. The display driver IC market is likely to see significant market share from the phone segment, as the number of users in the phone segment has seen prominent growth as compared to the other segments. Based on geographical regions, the digital driver IC market can be divided into North America, South America, Middle East & Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Within these regions, Asia Pacific is set to have a prominent share in the display driver IC market during the forecast period.

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There are many companies which serve the display driver IC market. leading players include Texas instrumentation, NXP Semiconductors, ON Semiconductors, Linear Technology, LAPIS Semiconductor, Himax Technologies, Renesas Technologies, MagnaChip Semiconductor, Orise Technologies, Lusem, Novatec Microelectronics, Fitipower, Raydium Semiconductor, Silicon Works, and Sitronix Technologies.