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Disposable Plastic Cups Are Deemed Environment Friendly and Create Less Waste


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Helping the earth and living a greener lifestyle is all about making smarter choices that have a less damaging impact on the environment. The most important step is to be aware of the problems created by the choices and how to minimize the ill effects of such choice, it is better to switch over to products and items that are less damaging to the earth and create less waste.

The resources used to create a product are as important as what is done with them after use, while some things might at first seem to be a better choice can in fact be not the best selection in terms of earth friendliness. A important example of this situation is the choice between paper cups or plastic cup and which is the greener choice among the two. For some paper cups would be the obvious choice because paper is generally considered to be natural and easily recyclable but as far as disposable plastic cups and containers are concerned research now gives evidence contrary to the popular belief. It is now being observed that plastic cups take less resources to produce compared to paper cups.

Disposable plastic cup are also similar to paper cups as far as convenience, style and comfort are concerned, furthermore plastic cups are much lighter than paper cups thus there is less transportation and fuel costs needed, plastic cups are cheaper because they use lesser resources to manufacture. Additionally, disposable plastic cups are also a popular choice of many cafes, restaurants, juice bars and other companies because plastic cups are a great way of displaying beverages in a more attractive manner. Clear plastic cups allow people to enjoy their drink visually while they are drinking the beverage. The attractive, eye catching color of the beverage through the plastic cup serves as a great advertising tool, which might entice other people to buy something from the same shop.

Many companies are now selecting recyclable plastic cups which make these an even better choice for the betterment of the environment. Companies can now choose to buy high quality, cost effective and sturdy disposable cups online at:

These clear plastic cups will enhance the presentation of any beverage & serve as a strong visual merchandising tool. These high quality disposable plastic cups are incredibly versatile & can be used in cafes, juice bars or for beverage service at any functions or events. These plastic cups are sold for wholesale prices making these the best choice for any company.

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