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Disruptive New Real Estate Technology - New Crowdfunding Campaign Wiz Maps Has the Keys

Wiz Maps now offers you the most authentic and advanced set of information for selling and buying real estate!


Santa Clara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2015 -- Wiz Maps has found the missing keys to real estate, and what affects growth of local real estate prices. Now, with the initiative of Kiva crowdfunding campaign, they are going to enhance the user satisfaction in the business of real estate. The story revolves around the reality which Eddie Godshalk faced with great strength and effort. But now, he has come up with the real time data software, which not only helps in solving the real estate issues, but also unlocks major keys of real estate which no one has been able to do, before Wiz Maps new real estate technology.

This is one true amazing software which has solved hundreds of problems in real estate, as it displays the growth patterns of hard-to-find monthly updated, socioeconomic factors in real-time. Those factors that have a huge influence on prices and the future. Wiz Maps is totally new data AND technology, that can bring a revolution in the business of real estate. The purpose behind the initiative of Kiva crowdfunding campaign is to improve and help Realtors, homebuyers, and real estate investor access these core datasets. Wiz Maps is especially designed for Commercial agents / brokers who want to make more sales. This technology is useful to properly advise a client which gives Block, Tract, or Zip Code information to build, buy, or invest in, and when to sell! That will definitely help the real estate agents to track down more clients with better services.

This funding campaign is totally meant to support the Wiz Maps program for a much better experience than ever before in the world of real estate. Moreover, that leads to a next level of information both for client and agent as this software helps in getting the right information for the real estate deals and sales details. The funds will solely be used for the improvement of the software as Eddie believes in giving people a superior product on which they can fully rely! He does not want to make people face the same issues, he faced, when he went homeless due to the past two housing crisis's. His dominating passion to fix the problems of real estate is what drove him to develop the patent pending new real estate technology, Wiz Maps. He survived by learning about the real estate hidden data and new software that can help a lot of people. This is the true story behind this new technology, which has yet to be made fully public with Wiz Maps.

Those who will provide funds for this Kiva crowdfunding campaign will definitely get their share back when they deal in real estate and use this software for the resolution of their issues in real estate. All consumers, agents, and brokers should specifically give funds for this amazing campaign, as this is going to serve them in near future with the most advanced techniques and methods used in real estate.

About Wiz Maps
Wiz Maps is a SaaS data visualization platform that delivers monthly updated demographic and economic data, which empowers real estate investors and professionals, with real-time access to local growth patterns and opportunities. We are looking for seed funding and strategic partners.

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