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DistanceLearning.com Adds over 150 Detailed Reviews Covering the Latest and Greatest Online Courses


Gainesville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- With the advent of the internet, distant learning courses went from a small niche to a global industry, with even the finest universities and institutions offering high quality distance learning degrees in a wide variety of subjects. As the industry continues to burgeon, it is of increasing importance that prospective students find the information they need to make the right choices when it comes to these online courses. DistanceLearning.com has been an online resource for such courses since 1999, and has just added over a hundred and fifty new course profiles and breakdowns to keep individuals up to date.

Distance learning degrees are getting ever more respected both within the education community and among potential employers, who see driven individuals taking on these courses on top of their other commitments as being especially determined to succeed in the given field. DistanceLearning.com has made sure that its new pages include a description of the possible career opportunities that can come from these types of courses, as well as the potential earnings these careers can produce for students.

Each new degree review article contains high quality, original material detailing expert insight pitched at an introductory level in plain English, so as to be accessible to all. Their insights into distance learning universities are similarly comprehensive, with a top five ranking that is regularly updated as well as detailed breakdown of each of the top five.

A spokesperson for DistanceLearning.com explained, “It’s important to us that students looking for information can find everything they need at one central hub. Our website is one of the best student support websites in the distance learning world, and our longevity is precisely because of our continuing commitment to stay current and make sure all new students get the most up to date information available. Our insights are frank and to the point, and designed to make sure that students have realistic expectations as to what they will need to qualify, as well as where they can go once they graduate.”

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