Lane Boland Distribustore Signs Strauss - a Canadian Supplement Powerhouse


Lebanon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Strauss Herb Company recently agreed to sign with Distribustore in an effort to gain more than just a foothold in the US Market. According to the Distribustore President, Lane Boland, “Strauss wants to go coast to coast as quickly as possible, so we’re taking the Pareto’s Law approach to product distribution”.

Pareto’s Law tells us that 80 percent of our results stem from 20 percent of our actions. So, where is Lane Boland directing Distribustore to put Strauss first?

Lane Boland: “We are going straight for the kill. Right now Marketing (sic department) is digesting Strauss’ 30 year sales history into a cogent sales pitch. I expect to dispatch our (sic Sales) Rep team to Bentonville for a meeting with the Walmart buyers inside the next 30 days”

Just ask any of the executives at Distribustore and they will readily tell you that a sales history isn’t the golden ticket to big box retailer distribution. Chris Simeral, Distribustore’s Executive Vice President tells us “the game has change immensely. 5 years ago regarding supplements, all you needed was a sales history and a personal relationship…it was much more collegial. Now you need a sales history, a personal relationship, a vetted logistics chain and a marketing plan so as to not be seen as a desperate parasite to just get a meeting with the buyers (sic of major retail chains)”

So far, Distribustore has picked up a performance supplement line, a latino energy drink, a hipster granola and now a health supplement from Canada. Is there any method to Distribustore’s Brand Acquisition Department?

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